Driving start-up success through mentoring

5 May 2017

This year’s Leeds Digital Festival was a great success. 115 events were attended by over 10,000 p...

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The iPad Pro is a vision for the future — we’re just not there yet

3 April 2017

I was reading an interesting article by Jean-Louis Gassée earlier this week (The iPad Turnaround i...

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Digital, Cloud, Intranet Part 2 — Effective knowledge management, teams are engaged and happy.

28 March 2017

In part 1 we looked at the frustrations we have in business when it comes to disseminating informat...

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Five reasons spreadsheets hold back businesses

22 February 2017

Most businesses have developed an over-reliance on spreadsheets. It’s time to kick the habit. Re...

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Digital, Cloud, Intranet Part 1 — Is your internal information for employees ignored?

16 February 2017

Maybe? Probably? Do you know? For any business the key phrase here is ‘managing engagement’. Th...

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Business heroes get the basics right

1 February 2017

Sometimes the greatest impact comes from getting the basics right On a daily basis we’re bathed ...

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Bad systems cause stress and reduce productivity

26 January 2017

Bad systems exist everywhere We’ve all been there. There’s a system or process that exists in y...

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How Apple made nearly $240 million in a single day

7 January 2017

Looking back - 2016 wasn’t Apple’s finest year for product releases 2016 was a year of great e...

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Why now, why Medium and what can you expect from us?

31 December 2016

Why now? Take advantage of downtime and plan the year ahead OK, so cliche’s aside, it is THAT ti...

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