The Employee Experience Advantage

The Employee Experience Advantage

30 January 2019

The Employee Experience Advantage

We invest most in creating experiences for ourselves, be it a great restaurant or a tailor made holiday.  Work is no different.

Are you creating an experience for your employees that makes them excited to come to work?

Want to find out more?

Creating a fantastic employee experience through physical space, technology and workplace culture are the secrets to almost every business problem.

Understanding how to develop them in your company will help you to attract and retain happy employees and create a successful business that is also a great place to work.

This two hour interactive workshop will help you to re-imagine what you want your Employee Experience to be.

We have experts in architecture, technology and culture to guide you through and help you achieve your best employee experience. 

Join us from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on the 30th of January at St Pauls House, 23 Park Square, Leeds LS1 2ND

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