​Exploring enterprise innovation with internal digital advancements

​Exploring enterprise innovation with internal digital advancements

6 April 2018 · 3 min read

Exploring enterprise innovation with internal digital advancements 

Whatever your game, if you want to reach the top, then innovation is key. However, we’re not just talking about offering a revolutionary product or service, we’re talking about enterprise innovation - the idea of innovating internally to ensure best practice.

If clunky technology and complicated business processes are holding you back, then you must take the time to understand what your internal needs are as a business and how these can be best solved with digital solutions. In turn, you can drive your business forward in the most efficient way possible.

It’s time to think innovatively or risk getting left behind. Still struggling? Fear not, help is at hand.

Dates for your diary 

Calls9 have an exciting programme of events lined up for April, complete with a team of experts who will work with you to establish how your business can operate more efficiently, profitably and competitively.

Wednesday 11th April: The Future of Innovation and Digital in the Workplace

We kick things off with a roundtable to discuss how much potential and opportunity there is for change in the workplace. Join in the conversation as we look at simple ways to innovate in your business and how digital can make your business more efficient. 

Thursday 19th April: Start-Up Bootcamp - From Idea to Launch

If you’re a student, SME or corporate enterprise, our talks and Q&A panel in conjunction with Leeds Digital Festival will help you take a great idea and launch it. Enterprise innovation is key here - the quicker you move, the more advantage you have over your competitors – don’t think you’re not established enough to be innovative! 

Thursday 26th April: Bringing Together Team Dynamics in the Digital Age for Better Leadership

We finish things off with an event co-hosted with Deloitte at Irwin Mitchell Leeds. It does exactly what it says on the tin as we explore team dynamics, leadership and digital innovation.

We’re in this together

Hopefully our events will leave you feeling motivated, enthused and full of ideas but if time constraints are preventing your organisation from innovating internally or you’ve simply hit a brick wall, then Calls9 can support you with your requirements. 

Whether you want to implement online collaboration tools to accommodate remote workers, improve internal communications or increase productivity, we will unravel your current business processes to create a simple and responsive digital experience.

The biggest outcomes often coming from the simplest of ideas but sometimes you just need an outside perspective to realise this. Let us help you to drive enterprise innovation and growth within your business by simply getting in touch.