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Identify where AI will give you a strategic advantage and rapidly build AI solutions in your organisation.


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Achieve End-to-end AI Transformation

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionise every business by freeing up time and helping us build a new generation of digital services.

The problem:

  • Businesses do not understand the art of the possible
  • AI tech is moving faster than businesses are
  • Internal capabilities are falling behind
  • There is often a fragmented approach
  • Inefficient use of time and money
  • Concerns around data protection, privacy, ethics and safety

AI Fast Lane is the solution:

  • Expert-led consultancy by a leading AI company
  • Develop real-world Generative AI solutions
  • Learn cost-minimisation strategies
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Up-skill your team

Innovative Solutions Delivering Commercial Results

We are a Generative AI specialist agency with a team of AI experts who not only understand the technology, but also the commercial landscape.

We ensure the Generative AI solutions we develop are not just innovative, but also practical and profitable.

Privacy, Safety and Data Protection

Our expert-led AI consultancy ensures that all Generative AI solutions we develop are in strict compliance with applicable regulatory standards.

We also provide guidance on ethical AI practices and help you implement robust data protection measures.

Gain a Strategic Advantage

With AI Fast Lane, you're not just adopting AI, you're strategically integrating it into your business for maximum impact.

The first step is to book a free consultation with our AI experts. They will listen to your unique needs, challenges and goals, providing you with personalised insights.

You'll get a glimpse of the 'art of the possible' with Generative AI, and how it can revolutionise your organisation.

This is a no-obligation opportunity to explore how AI can give you a strategic advantage, and how we can help you navigate your end-to-end AI transformation smoothly and efficiently.

AI Fast Lane Modules

Audit your existing AI capabilities

Create your Generative AI Strategy

Identify Generative AI use cases

Build and deploy Generative AI solutions

Testing and continuous improvement

Don't just take our word for it.

University of Law
I don’t think that I have ever come away from a meeting with the Calls9 team where I have not felt excited to have learned about another new technology or innovation. This was quite a challenge to have set, and Calls9 delivered a tool that is a 'game-changer'. I cannot wait to see the product develop and ultimately help solve real-world problems.
Patrick Grant
Senior Lecturer & Project Director for LegalTech & Innovation


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