Legacy System Modernisation

Working with a nightmare legacy system? Tired of manual processes, poor performance and lack of flexibility? We can help!

Revolutionising the past

Whatever your goals are, from increasing efficiencies and productivity, scaling your business, preparing to exit, or winning and retaining more customers, legacy systems can be a real roadblock to your business’s success.

Working with legacy technology:

  • Hurts your productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Slows you down, is hard-to-use and dysfunctional.
  • Is extremely expensive to maintain.
  • Makes your data hard to access and use.
  • Prevents your systems from talking to each other.

Our team will help you assess the state of your legacy systems and uncover efficiency and data issues, security vulnerabilities and unnecessary costs.

We will then work together to find the right modernisation approach for you and implement it, ensuring business continuity.

Our experience includes modernising legacy systems, re-platforming systems, building new APIs and developing white-label versions of existing systems.

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Legacy Systems Audit

Legacy Systems Strategy

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Re-platforming Legacy Systems

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Don't just take our word for it.

Working with Calls9, we have been able to develop bespoke, scalable digital solutions that encourage and foster collaboration, better market our offer, and ensure clients can connect easily with an expert lawyer anywhere in the world.
Imogen Lee
Director of International Marketing and Communications
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Calls9 have been supporting Euravia now for almost a decade and have been fundamental to Euravia’s digital and marketing progress. The Calls9 team are a highly skilled, experienced group, with an extensive amount of knowledge. This is priceless, when a business requires the right detail, the right visuals and dynamics to build a business’ profile.
Paul Sconce
International Business Development Manager
We set Calls9 the challenge of making us the go-to resource for professional indemnity insurance, and they more than delivered. We are now the fastest-growing indemnity community in the world!
Craig Walsh
Founder and CEO


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