Creating a legacy system modernisation plan for a global marketing agency


ICS-digital is a global agency that specialises in marketing, content, and digital PR, particularly in the areas of international SEO and creating content for the web in more than 78 languages for over 90 markets. They are known for being adaptable and responsive and for delivering outstanding results on big projects in highly competitive industries such as finance, gaming, law, health, eCommerce and travel.


The Challenge

ICS-Digital manages multiple projects, briefs, workloads and content using software they’ve built internally. But, as they grew, their legacy system couldn’t scale with them. It became hard to manage, find and access information, especially for new members of staff, costing them time and money and hurting productivity. They approached Calls9 to work on a series of workshops and digital transformation consultancy to help them map their legacy system and create a modernisation plan. 


The Delivery

Kickstarting legacy system modernisation with a series of interactive workshops

We brought together directors and department heads to feed in the legacy system modernisation plan, and our team ran the sessions in the form of interactive workshops. They explained what issues they face with their legacy technology and what the modernised system should be able to do. 

Our team went through all their requirements in terms of task and people management and created a detailed roadmap of functionality that would satisfy the users’ wants and needs.

We achieved that by mapping all the different types of users, what they need and what they expect from the system. Ultimately, through this process, we created a modernised system that would make every user’s life easier, more productive and more efficient. 

For example, the agency has a database of hundreds of freelancers. Currently, their information is all over the place, making it hard to manage them. The new functionality allows the ICS-Digital team to not only manage all freelancers from one place but also to give them ratings, check progress, see when they are available, do invoices and more. 


The Results

  • ICS-Digital now understands what needs to be improved within their legacy system.
  • The workshops and roadmap helped them realise what the priorities are and how they want each thing to function in a very easy-to-use and understandable format. 
  • Having the roadmap, user types and functionality ready, the agency is equipped to start a successful legacy system modernisation programme now or in the future.