Lex Mundi

Empowering Lex Mundi’s member firms for the digital age through a series of innovation workshops

Lex Mundi

As the world’s leading network of independent law firms, Lex Mundi connects top legal experts, lawyers, and business professionals from over 125 countries to offer exceptional cross-border legal solutions. With a network of member firms boasting over 22,000 lawyers worldwide, Lex Mundi provides a vast array of resources and expertise.


The Challenge

Lex Mundi wanted to offer innovation and digital transformation consultancy to their member firms, empowering them to create a Digital Services Strategy and understand: 

  • What General Counsel and senior legal buyers are looking for in their legal partners in 2022/23
  • What firms see as the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead

To achieve this, they partner with our team to run and coordinate a series of innovation workshops with firms worldwide as part of our Innovation Academy.


The Delivery

Unlocking the potential: A journey through our innovation workshops for law firms

We started the programme with a diverse group of five law firms from around the world. Our series of Innovation Workshops were designed to spark new ideas and push boundaries. Here's a glimpse of what we covered in our workshops:

  • Firstly we dove into the legal industry during a group session that involved all five firms, discussing the latest trends and their real-world impact. Law firm clients were an integral part of this stage, participating in roundtable conversations to share their needs and expectations from their legal partners.
  • We then zoomed in on each firm's unique goals and opportunities with individual innovation workshops. We went from broad industry statements to specific objectives that each firm should strive for.
  • Armed with a thorough understanding of client challenges and opportunities, we mapped out innovative solutions for each firm to implement.
  • The conclusion of our workshops was the group feedback session, where each firm presented their ideas and received valuable feedback from their peers. It was a collaborative and energizing experience that led to breakthroughs and new perspectives.

The Results

  • Lex Mundi and its member firms gained innovative ideas to present back to their board and start their digital transformation programmes. 
  • Law firm clients had the opportunity to discuss what problems they face and what they would expect their legal partners to improve. 
  • Law firms now have a comprehensive Digital Services Strategy and a roadmap to follow.
Lex Mundi