Kingsley Napley

Creating a roadmap for innovation and digital transformation.

Kingsley Napley

Kingsley Napley is an internationally recognised law firm based in central London. They offer a wide range of expertise to support clients in all areas of business and personal life. Many of their lawyers are leaders in their field, and their practice areas are highly ranked by legal directories.


The Challenge

Kingsley Napley approached Calls9, as they needed to improve talent retention, respond more effectively to technology-led client requests and drive sustainable growth across the firm. Digital transformation is the key to achieving the above and overcoming many of the challenges they face. But, before implementing any change, we started with digital transformation consultancy as a part of our Innovation Academy.


The Delivery

Enhancing Employee Retention and Improving Client Experience through Technology and Strategy

We brought together key members of the Kingsley Napley team in an interactive workshop where to understand their business context, discussing their business strategies, competitors, objectives, market challenges and opportunities, and any trends we should be aware of.

This process uncovered areas of improvement for the law firms and encouraged conversations about how, using the right technologies and strategies, the firm can enhance employee retention, improve client experience and enable more innovative business models.  

At the end of our Digital Transformation Consultancy with Kingsley Napley, we presented them with a thorough Roadmap for the next 12 months.


The Results

  • Kingsley Napley gained innovative ideas to present to their board and start their digital transformation programme.  
  • By implementing the suggested roadmap, the firm will improve employee and client experience and enable more innovative business models, which will help them grow sustainably.
Kingsley Napley