Savings Champion

Replatforming a market-leading, independent savings advice business

Savings Champion

The Private Office is one of the UK’s top 25 financial planning companies, acting for more than 2,400 individuals, families, businesses and trusts to provide wealth management, financial planning solutions and independent financial advice. Savings Champion, part of The Private Office Group, monitors and advises on the whole UK savings market, providing savers with free, unbiased, personalised guidance on their cash savings.


The Challenge

When The Private Office approached Calls9, they were using Salesforce for product management and reporting and Django as a CMS for their Savings Champion website. 

  • Having to manage two different platforms was inefficient and time-consuming for the Savings Champion team. 
  • Salesforce was not providing the functionality Savings Champion needed and could not easily be extended for new use cases. 
  • After using Salesforce for seven years, the data had become inconsistent and difficult to manage, making updates hard to implement. 
  • The Savings Champion team was also looking for a more efficient way to create and manage content across their website.

The Delivery

We started by working with the Savings Champion team to understand what functionality they needed from a platform and what they wanted to achieve. To accommodate their hundreds of thousands of web users and help their team to work faster and more effectively, they needed a platform that could support this volume of data, automate key business processes as well as provide rich reporting and business intelligence.

To achieve these objectives we replatformed Savings Champion to Calls9 Nucleus. By doing this we were able to consolidate content management, product management, customer management and reporting into a single platform. This reduced costs and improved efficiency across the business

Streamlining data-management

The Savings Champion team used the Salesforce reporting system to store financial information and help their customers get financial advice. However, over the years, the number of reports had become difficult for their team to manage:

  • The Calls9 team developed new data management capabilities to condense nearly 400 Salesforce reports which contained data on over 40,000 financial products into 16 master reports.
  • Each master report has predefined filters that allow the Savings Champion research team to draw insights from their data quickly and easily.
  • The quality of the data means the team can use this single source of information to build a data reporting product which can be re-sold to their end-customers (banks and other financial institutions).

Automating manual and time-consuming processes

To enable the Savings Champion team to work faster and more effectively, we deployed workflow automation tools to run scheduled tasks, replacing old manual processes around managing their product data. These not only reduced the manual workload but also improved the data integrity by minimising human error.

Additionally, using Calls9 Nucleus, the Savings Champion team can now manage their product catalogue and publish content across their website and blog using a single platform. 

Increasing flexibility and enabling new business models

We built a new API which gives flexible access to the underlying financial data. This API allows queries to be run on the financial information and for the responses to be integrated into other web applications or use cases. 

Savings Champion is reselling access to this information via the API to banks and other financial institutions. The API has created a new revenue stream for the business in addition to their core offering. 

Improving customer experience 

The new reporting system powered by Calls9 Nucleus enables the Savings Champion team to advise customers on what the best savings options are and also use it externally on their Best Buys page of their website. 

We also improved the Savings Champion Rate Tracker engine to make it more user-friendly and streamline the process of tracking recommendations.


The Results

  • Successfully replatforming seven years’ worth of financial information and thousands of user accounts from Django and Salesforce into Calls9 Nucleus, which is now serving them on an annual basis.
  • Savings Champion web users are now able to compare savings products from dozens of financial institutions in real time.
  • Reducing human error and manual workload through process automation, which in turn improves data integrity.
  • Saving time and money by using a single platform.
  • The new platform directly facilitates The Private Office’s vision to provide detailed financial information and advice to their customers through the Savings Champion website.
Savings Champion