The University of Law & Calls9

Building an AI Welfare Assistant (Proof of concept)

The University of Law & Calls9

Throughout his experience, Patrick Grant, a Senior Lecturer & Project Director for LegalTech & Innovation at The University of Law, has noticed that millions of people in the UK use advice centres and non-profits to get help for free. However, only a small percentage of them receive telephone or face-to-face help due to various reasons. He then approached Calls9 to see if we could use AI to help these organisations and the people using them.


The Challenge

Patrick noted that advice centres serve millions, yet some struggle to access aid due to barriers such as language. Particularly, many non-English speaking immigrants urgently require help but are hindered from accessing digital or personal advice.

Consequently, Patrick and the Calls9 team initiated a tech solution to this problem and presented it at the LegalTech in Leeds Conference. They used a real case study of "Rozi", a single mother of five without food, nappies or electricity, desperately needing assistance who does not speak English.


The Delivery

Calls9 embarked on a research and development project to craft a Generative AI Assistant. This tool aims to provide free advice to individuals of all backgrounds and languages.

Using the amazing capabilities of Generative AI technologies, we created a demo AI Assistant that:

  • Turns speech to text: Non-English speakers can create a message in their own language.
  • Translates languages: The message can be translated into English automatically.
  • Finds information: They can automatically get advice from the Internet as well as contact details for a non-profit relevant to their situation and location.
  • Carries out actions: The assistant can craft and send an email to the relevant organisation as them. It will then translate the reply of the organisation back to their own language.  

The Results

Using this assistant, people like Rozi can:

  • Instruct the AI assistant in their own language.
  • Have relevant welfare information returned to them. 
  • Instruct the AI assistant to carry out related tasks on their behalf.

A game-changer not just for the non-profit advice sector but for so many other businesses that can develop their own AI Agents and Assistants to elevate customer service and improve customer experience. 

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The University of Law & Calls9
I don’t think that I have ever come away from a meeting with the Calls9 team where I have not felt excited to have learned about another new technology or innovation. This was quite a challenge to have set, and Calls9 delivered a tool that is a 'game-changer'. I cannot wait to see the product develop and ultimately help solve real-world problems.
Patrick Grant
Senior Lecturer & Project Director for LegalTech & Innovation