6 must-haves of a successful website [checklist]

6 must-haves of a successful website [checklist]

Do you want to improve your website performance and turn it into a marketing and sales machine? Are you wondering what elements make a successful website? 

Here is a list of what successful websites have in common:

Seamless user experience 

In an era of digital-first experiences, the user experience of your website is often the first and final impression of your brand. Improving it means more conversions, increased sales and brand loyalty. 

Providing a seamless experience means that users should complete their tasks in just a few clicks and without difficulty. This includes simplifying the navigation and making the most important information easily available. And, don't forget! Your website visitors should enjoy interacting with your design and content.


Our phones have become extensions of ourselves, and as the world is starting moving again, so do your customers. Successful websites offer a smooth mobile experience, with interactions designed explicitly for mobile phones and tablets. Make sure the design of your website looks and functions as seamlessly on desktop as on mobile. 

54% of website traffic comes from mobile

Conversion-focused design

A successful website fulfils your business objectives. Do you want to generate more leads? Increase sales? Have people read your content? No matter what your goals are, your website needs to be a means to accomplish them. 

Add eye-catching Call To Actions (CTAs) that effectively communicate the value of clicking on it, such as signing up for a free demo, an eBook or a webinar. Place your CTAs in any spot on your website that visitors can easily find. And ensure your visitor know exactly what to expect when they get to the page the CTA points to. 

Tell a story

Over two decades ago, Bill Gates wrote that "Content is King", and he was right. Content is a powerful way to tell your story, not just showcase your products and services. It can reinforce your culture and can establish you as a thought leader in your sector.   

Create engaging, educational and relevant content that your visitors can easily find and interact with. Don't just stick to text. Explore different formats to tell your story. Create a mix of infographics, videos, blog articles, eBooks and guides. Place your CTAs at the end or within your content and "sell without selling".  

Beautiful and functional design 

Let's face it; website design can make or break your brand. It can steer your business to new heights or blast it into oblivion. It's your personality, your identity, your credibility - your brand. 

But what is a good design? It's not about functionality or aesthetics - it's both. Your website design needs to visually reinforce the essence of your brand and communicate your values, but it also needs to be easy to use, accessible and reliable. 

website design in record time

Credibility and Trust

Would you share your personal information or buy from a website that looks like a scam, is outdated and misses important web standards? No right? The truth is that people buy from those they trust. 

What makes a website credible is: 

  • Design and Performance: Your website needs to load quickly, provide secure transactions, offer accurate and current information and quality design. 
  • Transparency and Authenticity: Provide your contact information, credentials, terms and privacy policy. Create a detailed About Us page that shows your personality and real photos of your people. 
  • Social Proof and Security: Provide real customers' case studies, testimonials and show their logos. And, make sure your website URL is secure (HTTPS).

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