6 tips to improve your website’s UI & UX

6 tips to improve your website’s UI & UX

UX (User Experience) design shapes how people interact with your brand. UX covers everything from a user's initial visit to your website to their eventual transactions with your company. This article will focus on your website's UX and the crucial UI (User Interface) design elements that can significantly improve its performance and user engagement.

With over 12 years of experience, our team at Calls9 has designed, enhanced, and reviewed countless websites, witnessing the good, bad, and ugly. We're excited to share four vital UI/UX fundamentals that can boost your website's performance and deliver tangible results.

#1 Site Structure and Navigation 

An effective website features a clear, intuitive structure and navigation that makes it simple for users to explore. To plan your site structure:

  1. Write the name of each page on a separate card (or use an online whiteboard) and group them into logical sets.
  2. Aim for up to 5 or 6 main categories, each with a descriptive label that can serve as a primary navigation link.
  3. Consider simplifying these labels further, using commonly accepted terms for improved clarity.

Ensure that the content within each category is easy to find and logically organised, allowing users to navigate your site at their own pace and enjoy the experience.

Site Structure and Navigation graphic

#2 Design and Layout 

The concept of "above the fold" content is well-known, but avoid cramming too much content into this space. Instead, prioritise your messages, placing the primary one above the fold, and let users discover the rest through scrolling or navigation. Embrace "white space" in your design, as it can effectively draw attention to the content within it and make your site feel more digestible. Removing white space might cause your content to appear cluttered, which can deter users from engaging with it.

website Design and Layout

#3 Call to Action Buttons 

CTAs are a crucial design element, guiding users to take desired actions on your website. Aim for one primary CTA in the header and secondary CTAs for each content block further down the page. Ensure your primary CTA is related to the main message you've prioritised.

Avoid vague CTAs like "click here" and instead describe the outcome of clicking the button, such as "Register," "Download eBook," or "Read Testimonials." This approach enhances usability and clarifies to users what to expect when interacting with your CTAs.

#4 Engagement 

Creating engaging content is an art, and we recommend partnering with a copywriter to achieve optimal results. Remember that homepage content should be concise and scannable, while blogs, case studies, and other informational pages should be well-structured and authentic.

Blogs, case studies and other information-based pages should be well-considered, structured and most importantly, authentic. Authentic content will build trust in the user, and having that content displayed in a conversational and friendly manner (as opposed to something that feels overly salesy) will reinforce that trust. 

Gated (high-value) content is also an excellent way to engage your audience and generate leads, and you will find that people who trust your website are more likely to give you their contact details. However, the content "behind" the lead capturing form should be high-quality, relevant to their needs and exactly what you promised. Allow people to contact you when they are ready to, and make it easy for them to do so, but don't push them into it for the same reason. They will feel pressured and not respected. 

Respect your website users, and they'll respect you in return.

#5 Personalisation and User-Centric Content

Tailoring your website content to address your target audience's specific needs and preferences can significantly improve UX. Gather data and insights about your users through website analytics, customer feedback, and user testing. Use this information to create personalised content, offers, and recommendations that resonate with your audience. User-centric content makes users feel valued and more likely to engage with your brand, ultimately driving more leads.

#6 A/B Testing and Iterative Improvements 

Regularly testing and refining your website's UX can significantly improve user satisfaction and lead generation. Implement A/B testing to experiment with different design elements, layouts, CTAs, and content variations. Analyse the results to identify which version performs better and make data-driven decisions to optimise your site.

For example, you might test two different CTA button colours or placements to determine which one generates more clicks and conversions. By continually refining your website based on user feedback and performance data, you'll create a more effective and enjoyable experience for your visitors, leading to increased lead generation and long-term success.

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Investing in exceptional UX/UI design ensures your website visitors have a positive experience when interacting with your brand. By focusing on site structure and navigation, design and layout, call-to-action buttons, and user engagement, you can elevate your website's performance and foster lasting connections with your audience.

Calls9's expert team is ready to support you in transforming your website into a more engaging and effective platform. Whether you need a performance audit, enhancements to your existing site, or an entirely new website, we have the skills and experience to deliver outstanding results. Let's work together to create a website you will be proud of. 

At Calls9, we're here to help you improve your website in various ways:

  • Website performance audit: We can help you assess your website's look and feel, code and back-end functionality, loading time and overall speed, SEO performance, and security. We will identify the website problems you face and provide recommendations on fixing the issues and improving your website performance. ‍
  • Enhance your existing website: If you are happy with your existing website but you need to improve its performance, our team can help you enhance the user experience, refresh your brand identity, improve back-end functionality, fix loading time issues, optimise it for search engines, and provide you with better hosting, security and back-up options solutions.‍
  • Build and design your new website in record time: Leveraging our ten years of experience in understanding our customers and what they want to achieve, we create beautiful and functional websites in record time. We can help you bring your idea to life and create digital experiences your customers want to return to.

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