[Video] Gamification in the Web3 Era

[Video] Gamification in the Web3 Era
13 October 2022 | AvenueHQ Mann Island, Liverpool 

Adam Roney has been invited to speak at FinTech North's first Gamification conference to explore the links between FinTech and Gaming. 

Gaming has been an area of strength for Northern Tech for a long time. The North is famously home to gaming pioneers such as Sony, Rockstar Games and Team17. Applications of Gaming in FinTech include UX, Service and software design, Financial Inclusion, Financial Education, integrated payments, digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and tokens.

With FinTech x Gamification we aim to provide a platform to share ideas around FinTech and Gaming, to champion diversity in the sector and feature under-represented founders. We will shine a light on regional FinTech innovation and we will showcase some of the regions brightest and best start-ups and scale-ups.

In his presentation, Adam explains how the new playbook of FinTech + Gamification + #web3 allows us to create compelling user experiences and new business models, stressing that Gamification has many applications outside of traditional gaming.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you'd like a copy of the presentation.

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