Disruptors Conference | Leeds, 2022

November 10, 2022
24 November 2022 | Nexus, Leeds

We are delighted that Adam Roney has been invited to speak at the Disruptors Conference to explore "what's next" in business. 

Adam will join a panel discussion with Matt Robinson, the Head of Nations & Regions at techUK, and Anna Sutton, the Co-Founder & CEO at Data Shed, to discuss how to use technology to create a better future:

Inclusive innovation is an excellent opportunity for the North to bring everyone along so that the opportunities that will be created by 5G, Web3 and the next wave of the Internet of Things are available to all - to create more substantial businesses, entrepreneurial endeavours, and connected communities. Over the next decade, overcoming barriers and executing an ambitious vision can transform the North and its prospects.

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