[Video] Should every product be a Web3 product?

October 5, 2022

Watch Adam's talk at Zebu Live in September 2022, where he presented a talk to help businesses realise where to use web3, where it can add the most value, and how to fit it into a product.

As he explored, below are the main reasons to use Web3 and where it can add the most value to your business or product:

Functional Differentiation 

  • Cutting off the intermediaries like Google or Facebook and building a true verification system using blockchain. 
  • Moving from "Trust that you own something" to truly owning digital assets.
  • Moving from "Could be true data" to absolutely accurate data.

Economic Drivers

  • Introducing crypto payments to move away from cash-based payments. 
  • Using NFTs and rentable tokens, businesses can turn one-off customers into recurring customers and receive lifetime value. 
  • Moving from static to dynamic markets - everything becomes tradable, and so everything becomes a market. 

Brand Advocacy 

  • In the Web3 world, people are no longer brand followers; they shape a community around a brand through participation. 
  • Moving from a commercial relationship to an aligned interest and meaningful relationships between brands and their communities.

Business Resilience 

  • Web3 can work as a backup platform or as a disaster recovery mechanism by moving from centralised data storage to decentralised data storage. 
  • Moving from manual to automatic decision-making, some of the most critical decisions businesses need to make shouldn't rely on humans to trigger them. 
  • Maintaining security in Web2 software is a complex and ongoing process, whilst blockchain is secure by default. 

And finally, let's answer our question: Should every product be a Web3 product? 

In pure terms, no, but where we're going to end up is that every product will either be a native Web3 product or contain Web3 features and components. 

Want in? Let's get started.

As Web3 is in a developmental stage, businesses that are now starting to build their Web3 strategy will be the first to capitalise on its countless opportunities and future-proof their business. 

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