Adam Roney: A Visionary in Generative AI & Digital Transformation - Nominee for Tech Leader 2023

Adam Roney: A Visionary in Generative AI & Digital Transformation - Nominee for Tech Leader 2023

We are overjoyed to announce that our Founder and CEO, Adam Roney, has secured a spot on the shortlist for the coveted Tech Leader of the Year at the Prolific North Awards 2023! This prestigious nomination reflects Adam's relentless dedication to digital innovation and his transformative influence in the tech industry. Dive into Adam’s inspiring journey and impactful contributions below, and don’t forget to cast your crucial vote for him here.

Journey of a Tech Visionary

From a trainee solicitor innovating at Eversheds Sutherland to the driving force behind Calls9, Adam's journey is a tale of passion for emerging technologies and digital transformation. He founded Calls9, a company that has since been a beacon of digital solutions, ensuring technology is universally accessible and epitomising the ethos of a Generative AI agency.

Transforming the Digital Landscape at Calls9

Under Adam’s dynamic leadership, Calls9 has blossomed into a premier Digital Innovation and Transformation Agency, with a diverse client portfolio spanning across continents and sectors. In 2023, Adam and his team at Calls9, a leading generative AI company, spearheaded the "AI Fast Lane" programme, demystifying the world of Generative AI and guiding businesses to harness its full potential.

Generative AI agency - Calls9

Tackling Challenges and Fostering Innovation

Adam’s rise in the tech world has been marked by overcoming hurdles and debunking misconceptions surrounding emerging technologies. His commitment to public speaking and advocacy has transformed doubt into actionable and innovative strategies, particularly in the realm of Generative AI and digital transformation, showcasing his resilience and adaptability.

Extending Influence and Shaping the Future

Adam’s impact is not confined to Calls9. In 2023, he was appointed as the AI and Web3 expert and Chief Tech Advisor at AI Tech UK and has been actively fostering innovation through his advisory role at LegalTech in Leeds and participations at Leeds Digital Festival, FinTech North, and other platforms. Adam’s collaborations and outreach are contributing significantly to the evolution of the tech sector.

Generative AI experts - Calls9

A Deserving Candidate for Tech Leader of the Year

Adam seamlessly combines technical expertise with a human-centric approach, exemplifying what it truly means to be a Tech Leader. His groundbreaking work in Generative AI, his role in a pioneering digital transformation agency, and his influential initiatives mark him as a standout candidate for this year’s accolade.

We are immensely proud of Adam’s accomplishments and his unwavering commitment to advancing the tech industry. Your support can help acknowledge the diligence and vision of a true tech innovator. Every vote is pivotal!

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