LegalTech in Leeds Conference 2024 | GenAI: Friend or Foe?

LegalTech in Leeds Conference 2024 | GenAI: Friend or Foe?

The LegalTech in Leeds conference in April 2024 successfully positioned itself as the largest LegalTech event outside of London, drawing an impressive crowd of over 250 attendees participating throughout the day. This significant gathering highlighted the burgeoning interest and investment in LegalTech across the region and beyond.

The day was packed with insightful sessions about regional and national LegalTech landscapes, panel discussions on the growth of LegalTech in the UK, insightful breakout sessions, and lots of networking opportunities. 

Calls9 CEO Adam Roney delivered a fascinating keynote on "GenAI: Friend or Foe? How Should Your Firm Respond?" discussing the impact of Generative AI (GenAI) on law firms and how they can harness these changes to their advantage.

What differentiates a law firm today?

Adam outlined what defines a law firm in today's digital era, emphasising that while knowledge and expertise remain core to its identity, their significance as differentiators in the marketplace is deteriorating. He pointed out that while traditional knowledge sources are becoming easily and freely accessible to clients, the real differentiator is building strong client relationships combined with knowledge and expertise - which can only be a positive thing. 

He then delved into the challenges and opportunities presented by GenAI in legal services. Adam noted that while GenAI threatens the traditional gatekeepers of knowledge, it does not yet challenge the deeper, trust-based client relationships that firms have cultivated over the years. He stressed that expertise and the human element in understanding and empathy remain robust differentiators for firms.

Overcoming GenAI risks

So, what can law firms do to tackle this threat? Adam provided actionable strategies for law firms, including integrating AI technologies to amplify a firm's brand and enhance client relationships. Specifically, he suggested leveraging AI to provide a direct client experience that is always available and highly responsive to client needs.

Reimagining law firm business models

Furthermore, he emphasised the need for law firms to rethink their business models to stay competitive. He introduced innovative approaches such as subscription services, pay-per-answer models, and urgency-based billing — all aimed at providing more flexible, client-centric legal services.

Adam also proposed the concept of "Law-firm-as-a-Service," which can offer scalable and efficient legal services, transforming traditional law firm operations into more dynamic, technology-driven enterprises.

Finally, Adam encouraged firms to "super-charge" their teams using GenAI to enhance business development and improve overall profitability through smarter, more strategic operations.

Adam Roney's insights at the LegalTech Conference provided a thought-provoking perspective on the future of law firms in an increasingly digital world. His talk not only highlighted the challenges posed by technological advancements but also outlined a visionary path forward for legal professionals willing to embrace change and innovation.

We would like to thank Whitecap Consulting, specifically Julian Wells and Chloe Thomson, as well as everyone who worked on the conference to make it such a success for the second year in a row. All the keynotes, panels and breakout sessions were practical, insightful and eye-opening, focusing not just on integrating technology into legal practice but also on the importance of the human element in building and maintaining strong connections. 

Calls9 is a proud partner of LegalTech in Leeds, and we are thrilled to be a part of this vibrant, forward-thinking community. 

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