GenAI Agents in Action: Case Studies and Use Cases

GenAI Agents in Action: Case Studies and Use Cases

Imagine a customer service representative who, instead of following a rigid script, understands your specific needs, remembers past interactions, and adapts in real-time to provide personalised support. This is not a futuristic dream but a reality achieved using Generative AI (GenAI) agents. For instance, Lenovo has revolutionised its customer support by implementing GenAI agents that handle up to 80% of customer queries without human intervention, significantly improving efficiency and reducing response times. But, GenAI Agents are not just used for customer service. Read here real case studies and use cases on how different industries leverage these agents to drive efficiencies and enhance customer experiences.

What Are GenAI Agents?

GenAI Agents are computational tools adept at mimicking human behaviour interactively and believably. Unlike traditional rule-based AI, Generative AI Agents don't just follow a script – they are equipped with the ability to remember, retrieve, reflect, and interact with others while continuously adapting to ever-changing circumstances, much like an astute customer service representative.

GenAI Agents Case studies

#1 Lenovo

Lenovo uses GenAI agents in two primary areas: software engineering and customer support.

Software Engineering: By integrating GenAI agents, Lenovo has achieved up to a 15% improvement in both the speed and quality of code production. These improvements are expected to increase as teams become more proficient with AI tools. This integration allows developers to receive real-time code suggestions and optimisations, streamlining their workflow and reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks​.

Customer Support: Lenovo uses GenAI-powered bots to handle interactions across multiple channels, including online chat, voice, and email. These Generative AI Agents can manage up to 70-80% of customer issues without human intervention, significantly improving efficiency. The implementation of these AI tools has led to double-digit productivity gains in call handling times. Additionally, Lenovo's marketing teams have benefited from GenAI by reducing the time required to create marketing pitch books by 90%, resulting in substantial savings on agency fees​.

#2 BMW North America

BMW implemented the EKHO platform, powered by multiple AI-enabled applications (GPT agents) that transform enterprise data into real-time insights. This platform aids in various tasks, such as optimising supply chain processes and providing real-time customer insights in marketing and sales. The platform has resulted in a 30-40% surge in productivity by efficiently managing vast data and providing intelligent responses to user queries​​.

GenAI Implementation Checklist

#3 Shopify

Shopify introduced "Sidekick," a Generative AI Agent designed to help online store owners manage various tasks. Sidekick assists in setting up discounts, summarising sales data, streamlining operations and enhancing the overall management experience for users. Sidekick can also analyse sales trends and suggest reasons for declines. The GenAI Agent can automatically adjust prices, update the home page, and even change the entire store design with new themes and product focuses. Sidekick's ability to understand the specific context of each store and act on behalf of merchants makes it a powerful tool for enhancing and streamlining operations.​

#4 GenAI Welfare Assistant

Millions of people in the UK use advice centres and non-profits to get help for free. However, only a small percentage receive telephone or face-to-face help for various reasons. To address this, Calls9 and The Univeristy of Law collaborated to develop a proof of concept, GenAI Assistant.

The assistant offers several functionalities: it converts speech to text in various languages, translates these messages into English, retrieves relevant information from the internet, and interacts with organisations on behalf of non-English speaking users. It effectively communicates the users' needs, showcasing its potential to help millions of people and make the non-profit sector more accessible and inclusive. This AI Welfare Assistant not only aids individuals in immediate need but also paves the way for enhanced customer service across various sectors. Read the full case study.

Potential GenAI Agents Use Cases

Having delved into real-world case studies showcasing how companies leverage GenAI Agents to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations, let's explore additional inspiring potential use cases across various sectors.

Legal - Legal Intelligence System

GenAI agents can be deployed as legal intelligence systems within law firms. Lawyers can ask questions in natural language regarding firm-specific information, case precedents, or legal procedures. The agent can quickly search through vast databases of legal documents, case files, and firm records to provide precise answers. This not only saves valuable time but also provides a secure way for lawyers to access accurate and true information from their firm and avoid using public GenAI tools like ChatGPT, which uses input data for training.

Healthcare - Personalised Treatment Plans

Generative AI agents can assist healthcare professionals in analysing vast amounts of patient data, medical records, and recent research to create personalised treatment plans. By synthesising information from various sources, these AI agents can recommend tailored therapies and medications, optimising treatment efficacy and reducing adverse effects. However, the agent just assists healthcare professionals and cannot act autonomously. With AI's help, healthcare professionals can significantly enhance patient outcomes and streamline their work.

GenAI Guide

Education - Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Generative AI Agents can serve as intelligent tutoring systems, providing personalised learning experiences for students. These agents can generate customised lesson plans, offer instant feedback on assignments, and adapt the curriculum based on individual learning progress. This can make education more accessible and effective, catering to diverse learning needs and improving student engagement.

Finance - Automated Financial Reporting

In the finance sector, GenAI agents can automate the generation of financial reports, including quarterly earnings, risk assessments, and compliance documents. These AI agents can pull data from various financial systems, ensure accuracy, and generate detailed reports quickly, saving time and reducing the potential for human error. This automation can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of financial operations.

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