Digital Transformation Audit

Start your digital transformation journey by understanding where the opportunity lies

In the competitive professional services market it’s crucial to hold your own and digital is increasingly a differentiator. We’ve designed a process that helps you quickly see how your organisation can use digital to transform by helping you understand:

How your business is perceived by your customers and employees to identify areas of improvement
What the competitive landscape looks like and changes in your sector that could affect
your business
How digital can enable new business models, better ways of working and improved
customer experiences

At the end of the process you will have a clear digital transformation strategy built around your specific needs and designed to help you improve your business, disrupt your market or enter a new one.

We then use this strategy to kick-start a programme of digital transformation.

How it typically works

Stakeholder Interview
Customer Engagement
Employee Engagement
Sector Analysis
Competitive Benchmark

A collaborative process between Calls9 and the relevant stakeholders to determine your objectives.

We then engage a representative sample of your customer base to get an understanding of the existing customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Your employees’ experience of the day-to-day operations can provide invaluable insights. We ask them what's working well and where things can be improved.

We complete a thorough sector analysis to identify changes in your sector and possible opportunities and threats that will impact your business.

We undertake detailed competitor analysis to find out what your peers are doing, and more importantly, what they aren’t to identify gaps in the market.

The process ends with the creation of a digital transformation strategy which is presented to your stakeholders. This will help you improve your business, disrupt your market or enter a new one.

Report to Stakeholders

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