Legal Geek 2023: Pioneering Generative AI in LegalTech

Legal Geek 2023: Pioneering Generative AI in LegalTech

Legal Geek, or the "Woodstock of Legal Tech", is renowned for its cutting-edge discussions and vibrant atmosphere. This year, our Founder and CEO, Adam Roney and Patrick Grant, Senior Lecturer and Project Director for LegalTech & Innovation at the University of Law, were invited to the conference in London to deliver a workshop on 'Building a Generative AI Assistant – Lessons Learnt' following their impressive presentation at LegalTech in Leeds Conference in April 2023.

The workshop attracted an enthusiastic audience of over a hundred legal professionals, technologists, and business leaders eager to delve into the innovative world of GenAI in legal assistance. Adam and Patrick led a packed room through an engaging presentation on a GenAI Welfare Assistant, sparking insightful questions about AI ethics, safety, and data privacy.

Read more about the GenAI Welfare Assistant, a proof of concept Adam and Patrick initiated to showcase the importance of AI in building Generative Agents that can help people of any background, language and technical ability. 

Particularly compelling was the discussion about the societal impact of AI, focusing on the transformative potential of such technologies in addressing significant issues like poverty. This presentation aspect resonated with the audience, emphasising the potential for AI to level the playing field for everyone in society

The workshop also sparked conversations about the practical aspects of AI in LegalTech. Attendees discussed their internal GenAI use cases, revealing a diverse approach to GenAI implementation.

One of the standout aspects of the presentation was the focus on language translation and action-oriented GenAI solutions. These elements, particularly the translation feature for accessibility and the action-driven AI applications, were noted for being highly innovative and valuable given the example use case.

Finally, we would like to thank the Legal Geek team, particularly Beth and Jimmy, for inviting us to this prestigious event. We are excited about the opportunity to present again next year. Legal Geek 2023 has been a fantastic platform for showcasing the latest in LegalTech, and we look forward to continuing these vital conversations in the future.

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