Building a Free to Play, Play to Earn Metaverse game


OpiPets is a free-to-play, metaverse game that allows players to earn rewards as they play. It is an economy-driven role-playing game that focuses on customisation, featuring more than 60 hand-drawn characters and thousands of cosmetic and battle items. Players can compete against friends, defeat enemies, complete tasks, explore the world, buy trade, and sell items to build wealth within the Opiverse.


The Challenge

Traditionally, gaming companies keep all the value from their games. Players usually spend a lot of time gaining points and in-game assets, or in many cases, they buy the assets they want, which have no real-world value or ownership. 

The OpiPets team approached Calls9 to help them revolutionise the gaming industry by designing a Metaverse game that is free to play and allows players to share in the benefit of success. 

Welcome to the Opiverse.


The Delivery

We enabled the OpiPets team to bring their game to life and revolutionise the world of cloud gaming by: 

  • Successfully building their project plan through a series of project context, roadmapping, process mapping, and solution architecture sessions as a part of our Fusion Methodology. This removed the uncertainty and empowered the OPIS team to have a holistic view of their game, what's required, and the costs and time involved. 
  • Creating a powerful brand identity that reflects OpiPets fun, edgy and innovative nature.
  • Bringing the OpiPets and Opiverse to life by designing the game’s User Interface and User Experience to create a seamless, enjoyable and engaging experience for players. 
  • Building functionality which allows players to collect, customise, breed, battle, and even sell their OpiPet NFTs. 
  • Through this functionality, they can choose between 60 possible OpiPets and customise them with thousands of skins, textures, colours & wearables. 

The Results

  • The project is currently under development, but we proudly report that over 65,000 users have signed up for our private community to learn more about Opis Cloud and Opi Pets.