Opis Cloud

Building the world's first crypto-based decentralised cloud computing network

Opis Cloud

Opis Cloud is part of the Opis Group - a British blockchain technology company aiming to develop a mobile phone-based decentralised supercomputer to support diverse causes and reward users for participation.


The Challenge

The increasing usage of digital services, data processing and storage and the emergence of advanced technologies like Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI and VR positively impact millions of lives worldwide. But, more servers, data centres and electricity are required for these technologies to run, raising serious concerns about environmental sustainability. 

To reap the benefits technology can offer and mitigate environmental issues, the OPIS team approached Calls9 to help design, build, launch and commercialise a powerful decentralised supercomputer that uses mobile technology and rewards users with cryptocurrency. 


The Delivery

To enable the Opis Cloud team to bring their idea to life and launch the first zero-carbon, peer-to-peer cloud computing network, we work as an extension of their team, helping them:

  • Successfully build their project plan through a series of project context, roadmapping, process mapping, and solution architecture sessions as a part of our Fusion Methodology. This removed the uncertainty and empowered the OPIS team to have a holistic view of their complex project, what's required, and the costs and time involved. 
  • Create a powerful brand identity that reflects Opis innovative and disruptive nature. 
  • Design all the creative aspects of the mobile application after completing a series of wireframes and interactive prototypes.
  • Build, test and launch a decentralised Cloud Computing Network that uses mobile devices to complete tasks while charging and idle. Mobile users are then rewarded with cryptocurrency for helping scientific research and reducing the environmental impact of cloud computing.

The Results

  • The project is currently under development, but we are proud to report that over 65,000 users have signed up for our private community to learn more about Opis Cloud and OpiPets.
  • Using a small amount of their phone’s processing power, users will earn rewards, such as cryptocurrency, to carry out calculations for various projects, such as space exploration, disease elimination, or other scientific or commercial tasks.
  • This means that we are creating a greener cloudwhile at the same timeenabling users to make a profit and helping scientific research.
Opis Cloud