Launching a Web3 startup to help prevent climate change


The Challenge

As a startup, CLIMETA approached Calls9 to help them kickstart their brand. They needed:

  • Create an Identity: CLIMETA needed to establish a captivating and innovative identity to make a significant impact in the market.
  • Website for Launch: With their launch date tied to the Zebu Live Conference in October 2023, CLIMETA required a website to introduce their brand, connect with their audience, and gather a list of contacts in preparation for their official launch.
  • Community Building: Building a community around the brand was a pivotal goal, and the website plays a significant role in achieving this.


The Delivery

Creating a captivating and edgy Web3 brand identity 

Our creative team worked closely with CLIMETA to shape their brand identity. This process involved:

  • Creating a brand style and a stylesetter that aligns with the brand's personality, covering aspects such as colours, graphics, and imagery.
  • The design also involves experimenting with pixelated backgrounds complimenting the brand identity by adding an unexpected twist.

Launching a modern and vibrant website

Following the creation of the brand identity, the team designed and developed a dynamic, interactive, and trustworthy website. The new website: 

  • Incorporates various design elements, including subtle but impactful animations like hover and scroll animations. 
  • Is easy to manage with a customised and flexible CMS to cater to CLIMETA's marketing team, empowering them to make content and design changes independently without technical assistance.
  • Is built with a focus on security, SEO optimisation, and scalability.
  • Features CLIMETA’s Lite Paper with rich information on the brand’s whys, whats and hows, as well as their beliefs and purpose. 

Encouraging Lead Generation

As we are working on building CLIMETA's Web3 product, the brand wanted to build a community around its brand and encourage pre-registration. To effectively do this, the website features a multi-level sign-up process. This process collects a range of data and engages users through a referral system.

  • CLIMETA gathers essential data from users, such as email addresses and crypto wallet information. This data is valuable for understanding their audience and tailoring their offerings.
  • The process keeps users engaged through a questionnaire and rewards for referrals and QR code scans, increasing their involvement with the CLIMETA brand.


The Results

  • Using our low-code capability, we launched the website in less than a month.
  • The brand has already started generating leads through its multi-level sign-up process and newsletter
  • Our team is working closely with CLIMETA to build their Web3 product soon.