22 tech predictions and trends for 2022 (Part One)

August 24, 2022

This is not a list of trends that includes the Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto and other Big Tech buzz terms. We wanted to gather our thoughts on how 2022 will likely shape everyday businesses and empower them to work better with their customers and employees. 

This first part is for Business Operations leaders that want to emerge as change-makers within their business and transform their operations to become more efficient and cost-effective. Following this we will share Part 2, a list for Marketing Operations and finally, we will share Part 3, which will explore Business Strategy

#1 Hybrid workforces will drive hybrid cloud adoption

If you are working hybridly or remotely, you need to safeguard your operations online as well as ensure privacy, security, convenience and scalability. This means that on-premises legacy data centres or pure public cloud solutions will not work. 

Hybrid cloud infrastructure uses a combination of public clouds, on-premises computing, and private clouds to provide greater agility and support to remote teams. Besides agility, which is the primary benefit of a hybrid cloud, this type of infrastructure drives costs down and accelerates the digital transformation of the business. 

#2 Hybrid workforce tools will make you more productive

Employee portals, knowledge management systems, internal communication tools and workplace analytics will play a bigger role in 2022. With hybrid or fully remote work on the rise, you will need an employee portal for seamless employee onboarding, training, self-service knowledge management and mental health tracking to empower your team to work better. 

Having visibility on employee activity within the employee portal, you will gain valuable insights on engagement, productivity or issues that require attention. 

#3 Excellent employee experience drives success

Business operations leaders will face a greater talent shortage and a shift in employee demands. Providing the support, strategies, and tools that employees need to advance in their role, improve their working conditions and achieve a work/life balance will directly impact your business’ performance. Happy employees equals happy customers, better performance and higher productivity rates. 

If you truly understand the significance of providing a great employee experience you will be able to scale sustainably and win new talent, retain employees and beat the competition. 

#4 Achieve greater innovation with low-code tools 

Combining low-code / no-code tools and professional developers will give you a competitive advantage by spending less time solving simpler problems and focusing more on building transformative solutions. Digital products or services built with low-code applications shorten the time to market and help you gain a competitive advantage as they become more time and cost-effective. 

#5 You will invest more in AI and Business Process Automation

The implementation of AI is an increasingly essential business function in 2022 and beyond. Automating repetitive day-to-day tasks will address the talent shortage and employee productivity issues and help you become more efficient and achieve significant cost savings. And, AI is not just for major corporations with deep pockets. SMEs can also become AI-friendly and benefit from automation by starting small and automating the process that would make the most significant impact. Do you need help to decide which business process to automate? Reach out for a free consultation call today. 

#6 Legacy system modernisation becomes a priority

Legacy technologies that slow down operations and cost businesses time and money have no place in 2022. Businesses will prioritise legacy system modernisation to prepare themselves for the hybrid future and sustainable business transformation. Will you? 

How we can help

  • Technology, data and process audit: Identify areas of improvement, what your team needs to become more productive, agile and efficient. 
  • Employee portal: Improve employee experience and get everyone on the same page. From accessing essential content, documents and self-service functionality to live chat, case tracking and analytics. 
  • Business process automation: Drive efficiency, maximise performance and lower costs by leveraging our technology to automate time-consuming processes. 
  • Legacy system modernisation: Stop wasting money and time on systems that don’t work. Transform them into modern, intuitive, secure, fast and scalable solutions that will empower your team to do their best work. 

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