22 tech predictions and trends for 2022 (Part Three)

August 24, 2022

This is not a list of trends that includes the Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto and other Big Tech buzz terms. We wanted to gather our thoughts on how 2022 will likely shape everyday businesses and empower them to work better with their customers and employees. 

In the third and final part of our list about tech predictions and trends, we are going to explore which technology strategies and trends will help businesses transform, adapt and win in this new reality. Part One and Part Two are also available and will help you improve your business and marketing operations in 2022.

#14 Hybrid products and services to become the new norm

We are facing a hybrid future where product/service consumption, work, interactions and life in general, will become increasingly integrated. Businesses will transform outdated service offerings into hybrid digital/physical offerings to improve customer satisfaction and create new opportunities for profit. 

#15 Increased focus on de-risking digital projects from the start

Businesses have invested millions in digital transformation and new technologies over the last decade, especially during the pandemic. Not all of these projects have succeeded, in fact, most of them have failed. And, from now on, we will see an increased interest among business leaders to safeguard their investment from the start, asking digital agencies and vendors for more transparency, cost and time certainty before the digital project starts. 

At Calls9, we have built a battle tested process that can help you de-risk your project from the start.

#16 Audits are back and here to stay

Due to the common digital project failure, businesses will start auditing their operations, customer and employee engagement, technology, and experiences to understand what needs improvement before committing to an expensive digital transformation programme. 

We offer a Digital Transformation Audit to businesses that want to understand how to use technology to transform and reach their business goals. 

#17 Businesses will adopt new models

By transforming products and services into hybrid offerings, businesses open new possibilities to profit. We expect that the subscription business model will be one of the most popular and lucrative for companies of various industries. Subscription-based models enable businesses to connect with their customers better and keep them coming back to purchase. It also provides a better deal for customers as they enjoy products and services on demand, most of the time from their home, effortlessly and at a lower cost. And, businesses should keep in mind that convenience can be a great differentiator, just think of why we all use Amazon or Netflix. 

Subscription models are not great just for entertainment companies and SaaS/PaaS businesses. They can work for other types of companies in healthcare, retail, food, professional services, education, and the list goes on. 

#18 The emergence of privacy-enhancing computation

As mentioned earlier, we expect 2022 to be the start of businesses providing personalised experiences that respect customers' data and privacy. This expands into the wider business environment including employees, partners, supply chain and third parties.  

Privacy-enhancing computation is a method that secures the processing of people's data in untrusted environments. It uses various privacy-protection techniques to allow businesses to work with personal data and extract value from it while still satisfying compliance requirements.

#19 Disaster recovery and business continuity will be a priority

Businesses will continue their efforts to become more agile and anticipatory. They will strive to reach a position where they are not preparing for "something that could happen" in the future but establish strategies with actional - dynamic steps that will prevent them from suffering after the crisis happens. It's about having the right technology, strategy, partners and mindset to act when crisis strikes, from security breaches and technology issues to health, financial and organisational difficulties. 

#20 Tech vendors and digital agencies will be under the microscope 

Due to a significant shortage of software engineers and technical talent, companies will find it very hard to form successful in-house teams. Outsourcing or augmented teams will be the best solution in most cases. However, the process of choosing digital agencies and tech vendors will be even harder and longer, so businesses can ensure digital project success and cost certainty. 

#21 A war for knowledge worker talent 

The struggle to find knowledge workers will increase globally, and companies will be forced to change and adapt. Adopting a hybrid model and culture will be an advantage, but businesses will also try other radical solutions like shortening the work week. They will invest in automation, advanced knowledge management systems, and internal communication to improve efficiency and connectivity. At the same time, the tools used for remote work provide insights that help managers measure and improve their team’s performance.

#22 Tech budgets will increase

With all the above trends dominating 2022, businesses will increase their tech budgets to stay ahead of the competition, delight and retain their customers and win new ones. In fact, Gartner predicts that tech budgets will grow by 3.6% in 2022, the largest increase in a decade. 

How we can help you 

  • Audit the market: Understand where the opportunity lies, what your competitors are doing and what you can improve and transform to win new customers and retain existing ones. Build a robust strategy and become future-ready.
  • Design and build new products and services: If you want to digitise a previously manual and outdated service, improve the customer experience, delight your customers and win new ones, reach out to our team. We help you bring your ideas to reality. 
  • Develop new business models: Take advantage of new business models such as subscription-based, dynamic pricing, flexible or fixed cost to unlock new opportunities for profit and stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Improve employee experience: Attract and keep top talent in your market by using battle tested strategies, technologies and processes.

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