Designing an accessible website for a global health-tech company, increasing conversion rate by 43%


Aparito is a global health tech company that brings clinical trials to patients and unlocks real-world data through mobile apps, video assessments & wearable devices.


The Challenge

When Aparito approached Calls9, they needed a website redesign and rebuild, as their existing one was:

  • Hard to update, manage and maintain due to a not properly set-up back-end. 
  • Slow due to the several plugins and integrations running in the background.
  • Not compliant with the latest accessibility standards

The Delivery

To bring Aparito’s new website vision to life, we took their team through our Fusion Process to ensure that we were all aligned on the objectives of the project. We created the project roadmap together, outlined the requirements and estimated the time and cost of the project. 

Building a cleaner and easier-to-use website

Our development team performed a technical audit on Aparito’s website to understand how it worked and identify areas for improvement. They found that the website had several hidden pages with no traffic and multiple plugins and integrations that were unused. So, we removed all the unnecessary plugins and redirected hidden pages to improve and clean up the back end and optimise performance. 

The new Aparito website offers their team: 

  • Autonomy. The team is now able to make content and design changes on their own. 
  • A customised, flexible CMS designed around their needs. 
  • Increased lead generation by easily adding forms (which are connected to their CRM) to their blog, case studies, landing pages and everywhere they see fit. 
  • Improved SEO performance and speed.

Designing an accessible website experience

As a health-tech business, Aparito wanted to offer an excellent digital experience to everyone. To create a more accessible website, we followed (WCAG 2.1 - AA) accessibility standards. We improved colour contrast, typography, alternative text, page structure, clear navigation, meaningful sequence and more.


The Results

Since we launched the new website, Aparito has witnessed the following: 

  • 45% uplift in conversion volume 
  • 43% increase in conversion rate. 
  • They simultaneously saw a 31% increase in total traffic alongside a 30%+ increase in non-brand organic traffic and a 12% reduction in bounce rate.
I gave Calls9 a tight deadline and a hefty brief to fulfil, and we met it without any fear of missing the target. And after launching our new website, we witnessed a 45% uplift in conversion volume and a 43% increase in conversion rate.
Alexander Guest
Head of Marketing