Bona Fide

Building a global influencer marketing platform

Bona Fide

Campus Industries is a full-service marketing agency focused on the student market. Their new brand, Bona Fide, connects brands to influencers based on their passions, location and age, enabling them to share and create genuine content and build audiences. Brands grow authentically. Influencers get paid.


The Challenge

Campus Industries approached Calls9 to launch an online version of their existing offline business model. To connect influencers with brands, Bona Fide needed:

  • A new digital product that would enable brands to create and manage campaigns and influencers to be able to find and complete them.
  • To create a new brand identity that would appeal to their target audience.

The Delivery

Bona Fide's digital transformation journey with Calls9 started with a consultation period to understand their existing business model and how we could bring it to the digital world, what they wanted to achieve and what they wanted their target audience customer experience to be like. We worked with the Bona Fide team to plan and map the whole project in this initial discovery phase. It included a new digital platform, website, mobile app and admin dashboard.

Digitally transforming a previously offline business model

To digitally transform the way brands connect with influencers, we started by mapping the existing business processes. Once this was completed, our team worked with Bona Fide to translate this into a digital offering. We were involved in discussions to agree on how the service would be commercialised, and we explored different business model throughout the process. We then moved on to building a digital product powered by cutting-edge technology.

Using the easy-to-use digital platform:

  • Brands can connect with relevant influencers to promote their brand based on age, location and interest.
  • Influencers access the digital platform by using a consumer-facing app we built for iPhone and Android.
  • Bona Fide has access to rich usage analytics, which they can use to inform where they take the platform next. 

Creating the brand identity for Bona Fide

Our creative team worked with Bona Fide to develop its brand identity from scratch. The new brand had to appeal to both young influencers and established brands like Virgin Media and Philips.

After a series of workshops led by our creative team, we designed a modern - yet grounded - brand that appealed to Bona Fide's target audience. We then brought the new brand to life in Bona Fide's platform, website, mobile app, and marketing channels.

Building a personalised end-to-end user experience

We developed a simple 4-step process for brands to create and manage campaigns on the platform:

  • Brands identify their campaign objective.
  • They decide if the campaign is made up of single or multiple stages.
  • Our platform puts their campaign in front of the relevant influencers, who then request to join the campaign.
  • The campaign is live, and brands can see the results on the platform.

Influencers use the mobile app to find campaigns that are relevant to their interests following a similar 4-step process:

  • They complete their profile and choose their interests.
  • Influencers then select which brands and campaigns they want to work with.
  • They create the content and complete the brief.
  • If the content is approved, they upload or post it to social media and then get paid.

The above takes place through a single digital platform that provides a seamless end-to-end user experience and personalised recommendations.


The Results

  • Overwhelming response to the initial pre-launch sign-up phase with over 7,000 people registering their interest.
  • Campus Industries have already signed up leading B2C brands to use the platform, including Philips, Virgin Media, LG and Now TV.
Bona Fide