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Building a safer digital community for children

Go Bubble

GoBubble is the leader in building safer, healthier and kinder digital communities. The company has three core products: GoBubble School, GoBubble Kids and GoBubble Wrap. GoBubble Kids is a social network that provides a safe place for children to interact with each other.


The Challenge

A growing number of children are using social media to connect with their friends and form communities. However, many young social media users are under 13 years old, which is the minimum age limit. This can pose numerous threats to children, including being approached by strangers online, being cyberbullied, oversharing information and developing anxiety and low self-esteem.
GoBubble is on a mission to reduce these threats and approached Calls9 to help them build a mobile app for the GoBubble network that would be safe and healthy for kids and provide peace of mind for their parents.


The Delivery

This digital transformation journey started by working with GoBubble to understand their vision, what they wanted to achieve and what the user experience should look like. Our objective was to build a market-leading proposition for GoBubble, which would help children connect and have fun with their friends while also educating them on using social networks safely.  

Designing the GoBubble Mobile App

We created a fun and easy-to-use mobile app that allows children aged 4-11 years old to:

  • Chat with their friends in one-to-one or group chats.
  • Share text messages, stickers, photos and videos with their friends and see who is online.
  • Customise their profile by adding a profile picture and choosing wallpapers and colours for their chats.
  • Get push notifications when they receive a new message, when their friends join the network and when they or their friends win an award. 
  • Purchase premium sticker sets to send to their friends and decorate their images and text messages. This functionality also forms a significant revenue stream for the business. 

The app checks all content before it is posted to other users to block inappropriate content and antisocial behaviour, making the social network safe for kids.

Rewarding positivity

Using the GoBubble Kids social network, children have a safe space to connect and chat with their friends and get educated on how to use social media in the future. To reward positive behaviour we created an Awards Programme. This functionality rewards children for making friends within the network and for giving likes - not receiving them. This, in combination with the inappropriate content filtering functionality, teaches children the importance of positive interactions. This functionality is non-existent in other social media networks, making GoBubble Kids the best social network for children. 

Providing peace of mind for parents

Parents can rest assured that their children are safe when using the app. During the registration process, the app runs checks to verify that every new person coming in is a child by asking them to take a selfie in real-time and then using AI to verify the person's age in the photo. In addition to this, GoBubble Kids allows parents to monitor their children's activity while using the app and control the time their children spend on it.   


The Results

  • GoBubble is currently running a pilot program with 100 kids using the app to provide feedback and recommendations.
  • The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.
  • We are now working with GoBubble on an updated version of the GoBubble Kids app that will be available soon.
Go Bubble