Connecting over 7,600 lawyers around the world through a single digital platform


Interlaw is one of the Top Ranked elite legal networks in the world. They offer their clients a genuine global advantage, enabling them to access 7,600+ first-class lawyers wherever in the world they are headquartered or wish to do business.


The Challenge

When Interlaw approached Calls9, they wanted to modernise how they managed their global legal network. They needed:

  • An efficient way to improve internal communications with member firms.
  • Connect clients with lawyers based in their local city or region who have the expertise they require. 
  • To enhance the volume of referral activity and make the referral process more efficient, moving from manual, offline processes to more effective automated systems.
  • A new easy-to-use website that would reflect Interlaw’s values and help users find the right lawyer for their needs.

The Delivery

We worked with the Interlaw team on a series of innovation workshops to understand their business context, the challenges they face and what the competitive landscape looks like. We identified what needs improvement and what the right solutions to their challenges are and created a digital transformation plan to help them build a digital product that would revolutionise their ways of working. 

Automating the referral process

Building on the Calls9 Nucleus Platform, we digitised the process of creating referrals globally. We turned a complex referral process, which was previously done via spreadsheets, into a series of simple forms with clear 'accept' and 'reject' buttons, along with displaying key metrics about the firm's referrals so they can see their referral data and figures at a glance.

Improving internal communications

Using Calls9 Nucleus, we deployed a Members' Portal to improve communication with member firms. Through this portal, Interlaw members can share and manage knowledge and information on the go using any device.

Enhancing customer experience

We designed and built a premium looking, SEO-optimised website that allows users to: 

  • Easily find and connect with lawyers in their area and law firms to become a member and access the membership portal.
  • Access and use the Interlaw Directory by browsing an interactive map of the network's global coverage. 
  • Find key resources such as white papers, events and briefings.
  • Access and use key services via the website, including the Interlaw Members' Portal.

Business Intelligence dashboards

To ensure Interlaw can measure the quality of client service and member firms' engagement, we deployed business intelligence dashboards that provide real-time insight into the activity across the network.

These business intelligence dashboards aggregate key project, matter and financial information from across the network. This work was previously carried out manually. The technology from Calls9 now saves Interlaw hundreds of hours of work annually.


The Results

  • Over 200% increased web traffic.
  • Over 200% improved engagement and dwell time in the Members' Portal.
  • 13% increase in referrals from the previous year.
  • Significant time-saving thanks to moving from a manual process involving over 70 spreadsheets to a real-time system that automatically collates all referrals information. This system also gives Interlaw key information to make strategic business decisions.
  • Through our technology, Interlaw has been able to foster closer relationships between member firms and improve collaboration.
Working with Calls9, we have been able to develop bespoke, scalable digital solutions that encourage and foster collaboration, better market our offer, and ensure clients can connect easily with an expert lawyer anywhere in the world.
Imogen Lee
Director of International Marketing and Communications