Eversheds Sutherland

Designing a website and mobile app for one of the world’s largest law firms

Eversheds Sutherland

A pioneering global law practice, Eversheds Sutherland provides high-quality legal advice and innovation from 68 offices across 32 countries worldwide. Being a global top 10 law practice, the firm delivers high quality, innovative solutions to complex business issues for a range of diverse range of clients.


The Challenge

Eversheds Sutherland, a leading global corporate law firm, sought to leverage modern mobile and web technology for global legal advice delivery. With an existing Flash-based website incompatible with mobile devices, they aimed to enhance its reach and performance alongside improvements to their iPhone app's functionality and design. Eversheds engaged calls9 for a comprehensive revamp, requiring a flexible update system for both platforms, an effective communication tool for mobile users, and ways to gauge website and app effectiveness.


The Delivery

Our creative team started by creating a custom multi-platform brand identity for web and mobile using Eversheds' new brand guidelines and created a fresh and modern design that improved the overall user experience.The final output was a consistent brand identity which could be used across other web and mobile projects in the future.

Our developers then took over to build:

  • An app-like experience for desktop and tablet users using modern technology, improving speed, functionality, and content accessibility.
  • An easy-to-use iPhone app with features like country comparison, personalised lists of legal advice, and email sharing capabilities.

As a global law firm, Eversheds had a rich pool of content that needed to be transferred, modified and managed efficiently. Our team:

  • Handled over 3,000 legal guidance notes using Nucleus, our content and communications platform.
  • Enabled Eversheds to manage legal guidance across desktop and mobile platforms efficiently.
  • Provided daily data backup on a global cloud network, allowing Eversheds to focus on content without data concerns.

The Results

  • The Eversheds iPhone and Web apps revolutionised legal information sharing, with fast access to country-specific data and side-by-side jurisdiction comparison.
  • The robust web experience and compelling iPhone app are powered by Calls9 Nucleus, streamlining the management of thousands of legal documents.
  • Improved user experience while reducing the management effort for the multi-platform digital estate.
Eversheds Sutherland