Walker Morris

Developing a web and mobile legal knowledge experience with personalised updates

Walker Morris

Walker Morris is a distinctive and independent top 100 UK law firm. They offer clients a single site, full-service commercial law firm focused on providing a wide range of clients, nationally and internationally, with partner-led high-quality advice.


The Challenge

For a top-tier law firm like Walker Morris, keeping clients up-to-date with changes in legislation and regulations, new content and industry news is of utmost importance. However, delivering updates in formats like newsletters and emails, lacked personalisation and was not as accessible or user-friendly. Moreover, their existing WordPress website was not fully integrated to serve the mobile audience. Walker Morris recognised the need for a digital solution that could enhance client experience and streamline knowledge sharing, and thus approached Calls9.


The Delivery

To overcome this challenge, we started by understanding Walker Morris's business, their clients' needs, and how best to deliver key legal updates in a more engaging and personalised manner. We focused on providing an experience that was both informative and easy to navigate.

Creating an Interactive Mobile Experience

In partnership with Walker Morris, our team developed a client-facing mobile app to digitise their marketing materials targeted at Company Directors. The app was designed to be interactive, providing users with a personalised and enhanced browsing experience.

Seamless Integration with WordPress

We recognised the need to leverage the existing wealth of content on Walker Morris's WordPress platform. Our team successfully integrated their WordPress content into the new mobile app, making it available to a wider audience on both iOS and Android platforms.

Once the app was developed and integrated, we then focused on its promotion. It was presented to all clients of the firm, ensuring that they were aware of this new, more accessible way of keeping updated with the key areas of law.


The Results

The results were significant, clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of the new web and mobile legal knowledge experience.

  1. Wider Reach: The newly developed app allowed Walker Morris to reach numerous clients in a more efficient and user-friendly manner.
  2. Increased Engagement: The interactive nature of the app resulted in thousands of pieces of content being read by key clients, indicating high user engagement.
  3. Time and Cost Efficiency: The automation achieved through the app enabled Walker Morris to save considerable time and resources previously dedicated to manually updating and delivering print materials.
  4. Enhanced Client Experience: The app enhanced the overall client experience by providing personalised updates on key areas of law, thus positioning Walker Morris as a technologically advanced, client-centric law firm.
Walker Morris