The GO! Network

Designing a user-friendly and content-rich website for the UK’s leading marketing intermediary

The GO! Network

The GO! Network is an industry-leading marketing intermediary that connects high-growth brands with best-in-class agencies across the UK. They have successfully formed more than 300 brand-agency partnerships to date, bringing in a total value of over £40 million in revenue for network members.


The Challenge

The GO! team approached Calls9 to design and build a new website to boost conversions, drive user engagement and improve the digital customer experience. The challenges they faced with their current website were that: 

  • The team had outgrown their WordPress website and needed to freshen up their digital presence, launching a fantastic-looking and functional website.
  • Their existing WordPress website made it difficult to administer new content, including white papers, events, blogs, case studies etc. 
  • They needed an enhanced user experience with easy-to-find content. 

The Delivery

We started this project by going through our Fusion process with the GO! team to understand their business, customers and industry and what functionality and experiences they needed. The Fusion process gave us a holistic view of what The GO! Network wanted to achieve and enabled us to build, design and launch their new website in record time.

Our objective was to design a website that would enhance the customer experience, enable better ways of working for their team and create growth opportunities for The GO! Network.

Designing the GO! Experience

Our creative team collaborated with the GO! team to design a sleek, engaging website that reflects their brand. The new site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with subtle Lottie, hover and scroll animations for an interactive experience. We aimed to provide a clear understanding of GO! and their work, avoiding clutter and excessive information.

Creating a resource hub to engage brands and agencies

The website provides customers with high-quality content in various formats, such as blogs, events, white papers, and case studies. It features an Insights section for easy content categorization, search and filter functionality for user convenience, and allows users to download resources or easily register for events. The lead generation forms capture user contact information and distinguish between Brands and Agencies, providing valuable lead information for GO!

Straightforward website and content management

The GO! team wanted an easy way to create, manage, and publish content on their website and make design changes without needing developer assistance. The new back-end functionality we designed allows them to use customisable templates to accommodate different content types and create distinct categories. They can also easily create event registration and white paper download pages, saving time and cost. With this new website functionality, the GO! team can make changes without fear of breaking it.


The Results

We helped The GO! Network to:

  • Relaunch a new website that better reflects their brand in record time.
  • Improve the user experience, making it easy for their audience to access and interact with content and resources.
  • Significantly boost the traffic to their website.
The GO! Network
Since launching the new website, we have had a totally new brand perception, increased traffic, lots of good things! I ultimately look at the Calls9 team as colleagues more so than a solution provider for us.
Charlotte Boerescu-Kelly
Head of Marketing