Transforming how customers discover and buy specialist aviation services


Euravia is a specialist aviation company which is part of the Canadian group Magellan Aerospace. With a workforce of highly skilled engineers, they support the civil and military aerospace sectors in over 50 countries.


The Challenge

Euravia approached Calls9 to build an updated website to drive new revenue and improve the digital customer experience. 

  • The Euravia team had outgrown their WordPress website and needed a robust enterprise solution. 
  • Their existing WordPress website made it difficult to administer new content, including managing their complex product catalogue and keeping it secure.
  • They also needed to make this process more efficient and build a user experience to drive sales enquiries.

The Delivery

We started this project by working with the Euravia team to understand their business, customers and industry. We also wanted to understand what functionality and experiences they needed. This process gave us a holistic view of what Euravia wanted to achieve and enabled us to design a solution that would enhance the customer experience, create better ways of working and provide growth opportunities. 

Effective content management

We re-platformed Euravia’s website from WordPress to the Calls9 Nucleus Platform. This enabled a better way of working for their team by introducing an effective content management system. Using Calls9 Nucleus, the Euravia team can write once and publish everywhere, allowing them to manage, create and publish content from a single dashboard. 

Using Calls9 Nucleus, the Euravia team can now manage their product portfolio, including:

  • product descriptions
  • categories
  • images and videos

in a few clicks, from any device and again from a single dashboard.

Enabling personalised customer experiences

The new website can be personalised for key international markets, significantly improving the customer experience and increasing conversions. Using the new functionality, the Euravia team runs time-sensitive sales and marketing campaigns with custom landing pages.

Additionally, having transitioned to Calls9 Nucleus, Euravia can build other customer-facing experiences on the same platform and utilise the same core product data stored within the system.


The Results

  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: The transition to the Calls9 Nucleus Platform enabled Euravia's team to manage and publish content effectively, significantly streamlining operations.
  • Boosted Customer Conversions: The implementation of a personalised, international-market-focused website led to a marked improvement in customer experience and conversion rates.
  • Optimised Data Use: Leveraging the core product data across multiple platforms allowed Euravia to efficiently expand and engage with their customers.
Calls9 have been supporting Euravia now for almost a decade and have been fundamental to Euravia’s digital and marketing progress. The Calls9 team are a highly skilled, experienced group, with an extensive amount of knowledge. This is priceless, when a business requires the right detail, the right visuals and dynamics to build a business’ profile.
Paul Sconce
International Business Development Manager